Friday, February 28, 2014

Invites and Thank Yous

I'm still collecting pictures of our Dr. Seuss themed adoption shower from a few different people, but until I have them all in order and ready to post, I thought I'd share the invites and thank you cards I made. I'm fairly impressed with myself. Humble much? But really, they turned out better than I think store bought would have been and they were ridiculously easy to make. I did both as a postcard to save on postage and envelopes. Here are the invites: (The white boxes are covering private info. like address, phone number, etc.)

I loved the idea of doing books instead of cards (thank you Pinterest for the cute poem). Now Squeaks has a well established library and each book has a sweet note from the loved one who gave it to her.

We received so many beautiful and thoughtful gifts from SO MANY people! I would have loved to write personal and lengthy thank you cards to each individual person, but if I did that I'd be writing them until Squeaks' first birthday. I decided a pre-written note (thought up by yours truly), still very heartfelt and appreciative, accompanied by a sweet picture of our girl for everyone's fridge would be perfect.
 The white box on the front of the card is covering Squeaks' name. The little pink kiss above it and the pose in the photo reminds me of a picture of a 50's starlet autographing a picture for her love. So sweet!
Again, the little white box at the bottom covers Squeaks' name. Each card is "signed" with love from our girl in the same font as her "signature" on the front. I can't wait to tell her how generous everyone has been and teach her to write thank you notes.

I designed both the invite and thank you card using PicMonkey. They have basic free design features or you can purchase a membership for even more editing and design doodads (I used the free version). I love it! Except for the picture of Squeaks and the Cat In The Hat images (found on Google images), I used PicMonkey for everything. After designing the images I uploaded them to a blank postcard template on Vistaprint, added the messages on the backs, and added our return address. Vistaprint is super easy and well priced (plus you can usually find coupons online). The only thing I didn't like were the set quantities. You could order 20, 50, 100, or 250 postcards and nothing in between. Even with the set quantities though, I think the invites cost me about $11.00 to make (not including postage) and I got 100 of them. I ordered way more of the thank you cards so they cost more, but still very reasonable. I'm really happy with how they turned out.


  1. Those are SO cute! I don't have the patience for something like that.

  2. Thank you for sharing those websites! Those invites and thank you's are super cute! And of course your girl is even cuter!!

  3. Awesome! Both the invite & thank you card look great! I am baffled at how you manage to use free PicMonkey and create such awesomeness. Everything I do turns out so basic lol. Guess I just need to explore it some more.

  4. love your blog and your little family! the notecards are super cute and you are so talented. i do hope you write some type of personal message on the thank you notes though


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