Saturday, February 1, 2014

So Flippin Happy!!

I wanted to write about baby girl's first week home as soon as possible so I wouldn't forget any detail. Well, here she is, three weeks old, and I'm just getting to it. Oh well. I've been busy enjoying her. A lot of things have lost importance. A lot of things have become infinity more important. One thing is for sure. We are indescribably happy! Having her home has been the definition of joy. Yes, we are tired and our personal style and general self maintenance has declined somewhat, but who cares??!! It's been replaced by diapers , burp cloths, and bottles!!! We are blissfully happy. She is a super relaxed baby and only cries when she's hungry or being changed. She has officially christened her changing table (multiple times) and there was one incident with lots of poo and us laughing our heads off. It's been so much fun being first time parents. Just sitting and staring at her is better than live professional theater!!! Have I mentioned we're REALLY happy?!!
One of the benefits of adoption is not having to go through hours and hours of labor (physical labor that is. The emotional labor of adoption is unmatched). The day our girl came home, I was fairly well rested. Aside from the draining anticipation, I was physically prepared and energetic, so we had our parents over right away to meet her. They were at our door less than an hour after baby girl was home. It was great! We have waited SO long to give our parents a grandchild and watch them enjoy a baby. It was such a blessing to watch them with her. Since that Tuesday night the stream of excited family and friends has not stopped. Everyone has been so generous and supportive, celebrating right along side us. If I wasn't so tired (NOT complaining by the way. Love taking care of our blessing at all hours.) the past few weeks would feel like one giant baby shower. A huge party! This little girl was prayed for and is loved more than she could ever imagine.

Here is some video and photos of her homecoming and meeting the grandparents for the first time. 

Meeting a few more excited family members including her aunt, great aunts, cousins, uncle, great uncle, and great grandma.


  1. This video had me in tears! I'm so excited for you guys! Welcome home sweet girl!

  2. So sweet! This is what's so great about blogging-getting to follow along with people's journeys.

  3. Loved the video and thrilled to hear that life has changed forever........

  4. Wow! I'm from Holland and we are adopting from the USA hopefully very soon. I teared up when i saw this little video. You both look so happy! I wish you all the best!
    Love from Holland..

  5. She is perfect! Thank you for sharing the beautiful video and enjoy all the happiness that she will bring you!


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