Monday, April 21, 2014

Squeaks' First Easter

What a beautiful day! This day holds special meaning for multiple reasons. Not only is Easter a day to celebrate the fact that we serve a living God (which is mind blowing and totally awesome by itself), but it's also the day we announced our intentions to adopt to our family two years ago. Two years! At the moment that seems like a very short amount of time. During those two years though, every day of waiting was a struggle. At one point today, while watching the swarm of excited family members descend on my daughter, joy and love washing over their faces, I thought "I'd gladly do it all over again for this little girl". Frankly, now that I know her, I'd wait even longer. So, yes, it was very fitting that our first family holiday gathering with Squeaks home was Easter. Hope you all had an equally blessed day! 


  1. Two years ago this Easter. Utterly remarkable, Doodle. Who knew how many ups and downs we would have during those years? God. He knew exactly what we needed in order to grow us up in the faith. It wasn't easy, but it was exactly right. I join you in celebrating the beautiful child He gave to our family. I am grateful. ~Momma~

  2. She is such a doll! Happy Easter!

  3. Love that photo of you two! She is adorable! We also announced that we were starting the adoption process 2 years ago at Easter.


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