Monday, June 9, 2014

5 Months and 50 Years

This week we flashed back to the 80's and celebrated my mother-in-law's 50th birthday. She was the prom queen at her own 1980's style prom party. It was so much fun to celebrate this awesome woman with friends and family. We all hit the Goodwill thrift stores and got dressed up in bright tacky prom fashions complete with big hair, blue eye shadow, bow ties, and cummerbunds. Squeaks was the perfect 80's baby in her leopard print onesie, purple tutu, and pink leg warmers. Josh went with a Miami Vice look, and my outfit came out slightly Madonna-esk. With fun costumes, good food, 80's music, and a chance to celebrate a fantastic woman, it couldn't have been a better party. Squeaks is so blessed to have such an enthusiastic, fun, and energetic Grandma. I am beyond blessed because I get to be married to the awesome man she raised.

Time is flying! Squeaks is already five months! She had a great time at the party. Although, I'm pretty sure this kid could have a great time watching paint dry. She's always so content. She was as happy as could be getting passed around, being cuddled by friends and family, and posing for pictures. She loved the music which doesn't surprise me because her birth dad is a DJ. She even fell asleep on my lap during the Cupid Shuffle! I thoroughly enjoy taking her to new places and watching her experience new things. You can practically see her personality forming before your eyes. She's wise. I can tell.


  1. What a fun party and wonderful way to celebrate a major is so cute and growing so fast...

  2. Ha ha, you guys look awesome!


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