Wednesday, July 2, 2014

30 minutes

30 minutes in the life of a mother with a teething baby who doesn't like to be put down:

Baby wakes up from a 30 minute nap during which you were able to eat lunch quickly and put on some deodorant. Change baby's diaper while she wiggles uncontrollably. Keep her calm by singing "Wheels On The Bus". Carry baby to the laundry room, and take clothes out of the dryer (after having been on "wrinkle prevent" three times, cause ironing isn't gonna happen) using your free hand. Realize you can't pick up the laundry basket while still holding her. Sit her down on the living room floor, and search for Boppy to prop her up. She's getting good at sitting, just still a little wobbly. Find Boppy and toys that she can chew on. Keep her from crying by singing "You Are My Sunshine". Rush the laundry to the bedroom, dump the whole basket onto the bed, and run back to the living room. Collect crying, teething baby, along with Boppy, and chew toys. Carry it all to the bedroom. Build an anti-roll wall using bed pillows, Boppy, and pile of laundry. Place baby in the middle of the bed. She's not happy about being put down, so you start to "sing" the laundry as you fold it. "This is daddy's grey shirt, these are momma's blue shorts, laundry, laundry, laaauuunnndddddryyyyy." She thinks this is hilarious!! Until....wait.....I know that face. She has filled the diaper you changed only ten minuets ago. Pause in folding the now slightly wrinkly laundry to change baby's diaper. Sing "Wheels On The Bus" again. As you lift baby off the changing table she spits up all over the both of you. Lay baby back on changing table and, with one hand on baby, pull the first onsie you can find out of the changing table drawers.  Change wiggling, spit-up covered baby while singing "you put your right arm in, you take your right arm out, you put your right arm in, and you shake it all about." Strip out of your shirt and toss all spit-up covered clothing into hamper. Take baby back into the bedroom and place her amongst the pillows and laundry while you search for a new shirt. Once fully dressed again after the second verse of "you put your left arm in, you put your left arm out..." and so on, you continue "singing" the laundry. About halfway through the now thoroughly wrinkled pile, you pause, look at your beautiful baby girl, climb on the bed with her, the pillows, and the laundry, pull her close to your chest, and decide wrinkles give your clothes character. 


  1. Perfection! Add a 4 1/2 year old that asks for food constantly and this is my day ;)

  2. She is so beautiful! And your days sound similar to ours lately... At least your finding motivation to keep up on your blog. Ours is definitely neglected lately!

  3. wrinkled clothes DO have character! so do those with spit up, butternut squash puree, and dirt from little grimy hands that have been playing in the yard! I am glad you are able to take these moments and just enjoy them for what they are - fleeting seconds in our lives that we will never get back! yay for cherishing all of the craziness =)


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