Sunday, July 6, 2014


It's one of the most common things you hear parents say.
"They grow up so fast!"

Since Squeaks is almost (two more days, don't rush me) six months we've obviously hit some milestones by now. I've had to pack up tiny clothes and unpack clothes that looked so big when we first got them. We've started solids in small amounts. As of last week, she also cut her first two teeth! Bottom fronts. Teeth are mean! Poor thing had a hard few days, but her amber teething necklace, and the application of lavender oil helped when it got really bad. And, a super tough milestone for me, she has started sleeping in her own room! This one was out of necessity one night when our neighbors had a loud party and her room was farther from the noise. I didn't sleep at all and then cried. Twice. She slept all the way through the night and woke up smiling as usual. 

Fourth of July was yet another milestone. An incredibly happy one. We were blessed to live within walking distance of an awesome fireworks show, and even more blessed to have awesome family to spend the day with. Independence Day is my favorite holiday next to Christmas. Stars, lots of red, barbecue, I'm there. This specific Fourth completely blew all previous ones out of the water for me though. I got to...

Watch my awesome husband install a swing for Squeaks on our back porch. Something 
I've wanted for a while. There's something fulfilling about a child's swing on a porch.

Enjoy the company of my parents and my in laws. It continuasly brings joy to my soul that our families mesh so well.

Eat really good food and have really good, meaningful conversation with people I love.

Watch my daughter enjoy her new swing while being surrounded with cooing, laughing paparazzi.

Walk, yes WALK less than half a mile away to a spectacular fireworks show.

Watched my mother cry with amazement at the fact that "this is my life!?" 

Watched my mother-in-law cry with happiness at the beauty of a song and the freedom it represents. 

Celebrate the fact that, yes we are blessed to live in America, but our true freedom comes from salvation through Christ. We are thankful for the men and woman who fight for the freedom that allows us to worship Him openly.

See my husband's excitement to share a new experience with our daughter.

Listen to my daughter squeal and watch her wiggle with delight at the fireworks. With each boom her face would light up, and as the sound faded between bursts, her happiness filled it back up.

Walk home, passing the exiting traffic, and enjoy a little more time together.

Rock my beautiful, happy, tired, almost-six-month-old to sleep.

Yes, they grow up fast. She arrived so suddenly, and then BOOM! She's laughing at fireworks, swinging in swings, sitting on a blanket, eating applesauce, with two front teeth. Life before Squeaks was good, we celebrated holidays, ate good things, loved one another. Then BOOM! She has added great bursts of color and light to our lives. Every event is new again. Every day is full.

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