Sunday, October 19, 2014

Answering My Own Question

I promised I would answer the question I posed for this month's Adoption Love Link-Up. Since it restarts soon, I need to get to it! So many of you wrote such thoughtful responses. I love the variety! Every blogger had a different take on the question. I'll share links to all of them when I post the new monthly link-up topic in just a few days! 

This month's question:
How, if at all, has adoption changed your view of humanity (for good or bad)?

I believe adoption has made me more compassionate and frankly...for lack of a better word...curious toward humanity. 

I'm a natural born people-watcher. Places like malls, parks, restaurants are all fair game for some professional style people watchin'. Disneyland is people-watching paradise! Don't get all creeped out though. I don't follow anyone or stare, no using binoculars, nothing weird. Just a general observation of human kind. While I watch, I imagine their story. What have they experienced? What trials have they faced? What made them choose that outfit? (Just kidding. Kinda.)

When we chose to adopt, I found myself observing families more than just individuals. Wondering how they grew (through adoption or biologically), thinking about how they bond, watching parents interact with their children. I'd see a pregnant woman and wonder how she felt about the life growing inside her. If she looked particularly tired, had she gotten bad news about her unborn child's health? Was she facing single-parenthood? Was she considering adoption? Had she been blessed with an active little one who enjoyed dancing on her bladder at all hours? 

After Evelyn went home, on my first ventures out into public I'm sure I looked like death warmed up. I didn't bother wearing makeup because I'd most likely cry it off. I was still physically recovering and hadn't lost my baby bump entirely. I felt thoroughly miserable and antisocial. One particularly chipper cashier at the grocery store could not take a hint and I ended up literally ignoring his many, many questions and attempts to get me to smile. Now, when I see a mom who looks unkempt, a woman gripping her husband's hand, both of them looking stressed, an expectant mom who looks less than thrilled with her glow, I wonder. And I pray. What trial are they facing and are they facing it armed with the grace of God and the hope He offers? "Please God, give them strength, give them joy, let them feel your love. Surround them with support. Let them have faith in your perfect timing and plan." I know, realistically, they may just be tired...or have gas...or something way less dramatic than 
I'm imagining. But who couldn't use a little prayer? Humanity needs as much prayer as it can get.
 Look for next month's link-up topic question coming soon!


  1. I completely agree! I particularly admire beautiful blended families even more than I did before my adoption journey. Also, miscarriage taught me to be empathic than I ever was before. I'm thankful for that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so much like this, too - always imagining people's stories. God has also taught me that you never know someone's story, so I need to give them grace.


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