Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little Miss Independent

Squeaks is most definitely an independent little soul. The second she figured out how to feed herself (recipes for her favorite baby finger-foods coming soon) it's like a light went on. "If I can feed myself, what else can I do myself!?" She has perfected her "no, let me do it" scream. She wants to put on her own socks (which she has no idea how to do), pet the puppies as hard as she wants (they're so patient), hold her own spoon...the list continues. It has made meal time particularly entertaining. I let her feed herself as much as possible now. One, because she literally will not open her mouth for a spoon if she doesn't also have food she can feed herself, and two, because it's dang fun!

Plus she started crawling a few weeks ago, and has now already moved on to pulling herself to standing and taking a few steps while holding onto something. Life as we know it has changed forever...again. She just keeps growing! And she never stops moving! 
It's amazing how she always finds the corner of the house where I haven't cleaned in awhile. She loves crawling into the dog bed (that desperately needs to be washed. Ew.) and I've had to keep finding new places to hide the dog's water bowl. Soon, the dogs won't even be able to find it. 

It's awesome to watch the incredible speed of her growth and learning. She was so proud of herself when she figured out how to pull herself to standing. Now I find her standing in her crib after every nap.  The other day she figured out that she could crawl from one room to the next and that made her super happy. I could stand in the hallway and watch her scoot from one bedroom to the next squealing all the way. So funny!

I've never swept and vacuumed so much in my life. Every little thing is fair game! Sometimes she'll hold up whatever she's found to show me, but other times it just goes straight in her mouth. The other day, my mom and I caught her chewing on a little strand of carpet. She had actually pulled a piece of carpet up and put some in her mouth. The thing is, I don't know when she did it. We had all been sitting in the same room together talking and I had just vacuumed!! She's eating the floor!! 
Who me?
So proud of herself.

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