Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec. Adoption Love Link-up: Words

I am not what you would call "politically correct". I would consider myself polite and appropriate, but generally the term "politically correct" makes me tense. In my experience people who strive for political correctness tend to be overly sensitive, always looking for a reason to get bent out of shape over off hand comments. 

However, I wholeheartedly acknowledge that words are powerful things. Appropriate verbiage is a must in many situations. Adoption is one of those situations for me. Hence, this month's Adoption Love Link-Up topic:

What are your views on appropriate adoption language? (examples: Birth mom vs. expectant mom, was adopted vs. is adopted, etc.) Have you had any personal experiences with inappropriate adoption language? How, if at all, did you help educate those involved?

As always, I look forward to your responses. Please don't feel like you have to address my examples specifically.

I've also decided to make the link-up a little simpler for myself. Ya-know, decrease that stress and all. First, the blog roll on the link-up page will be continual from now on. Those of you who linked up previously and no longer see your link, it's because the blog roll restarted every month, not because I deleted your link (unless you broke the rules). Also, if you linked directly to a specific post instead of your homepage, you might want to change that. From now on, if you choose to write about this month's topic, please back-link to this post and leave a comment below. Lastly, this month's link-up question was posted a little late. That was on purpose. All topic questions will be posted on the first of the month instead of this weird randomness, posting sometime mid-endish of the month. Thanks for sticking with me while I work out the kinks!


  1. I love that you are doing link ups! I just wish it's something I could join in on!! - Gingi

  2. Every month I mean to write about the topic and every month I don't get a chance. I love this month's topic and it's something I have been planning to write about! So this month I am very motivated :-) Do we just leave a comment with our link now? No more inlinkz?

    1. Can't wait to read it. No your link is still up on the Link Up page through inlinkz, just backlink to the monthly topic post after you write your answer and leave a comment. :)


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