Monday, December 8, 2014

Raise Your Hand

Adoptive mommas, raise your hand if you....

Have ever felt heartbroken, proud, and unworthy all at the same time.
Think about and pray for your child's birth family daily.
Sometimes forget you didn't give birth to your child, then feel guilty for forgetting, then feel proud.
Wonder and sometimes even worry about your child's future because of the way the media and popular culture portray adoption.
Feel like you're taking credit for something you shouldn't when people say your child is beautiful, and you say "thank you".
Watch your child and wonder how much of their personality is inherited and how much is from your nurturing.
Envy your child's birth mother because she got to feel them grow, and will have a connection with your child that you can never have.
Are super protective of your child's connection to their birth family.
Feel overwhelmingly sad and humbled to be chosen to raise another woman's child.
Swell with pride when you tell the beautiful story of your child's entrance into your family.
Hope and pray you live up to the honor you've been chosen for.
Look forward to the day when your child can fully comprehend how intensely adoption is love.
Read and study the adoption stories of other families trying to prepare yourself for any and every question your child could ever have.
Have an all consuming love for another person and the child she gave birth to.
Thank God daily for our adoption into His family through Christ, for the example it sets, and how it drives you.

You are not alone.


  1. Hand held up high! Absolutely! I love this post. So true. My hopes and prayers daily :-)


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