Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Warm and Fuzzies
I know some super talented people! My friends Angie and Kim, who also happen to be sisters, have started an amazing little business that is fast becoming not so little. Kim was adopted into Angie's family, and Angie adopted three beautiful little miracles last year (all at the same time!). Adoption is in this family's veins. These lovely sisters founded Reverent Creations. They make necklaces that are guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies. Each design is beautifully created with inspiring scripture, sentiment, and lyrics. Not only do they include uplifting messages, but the quality of their product is awesome. I was hesitant at first to order one only for the fact that Squeaks likes to pull necklaces. Hard. But so far my beautiful new necklace is taking it like a champ. She even got it in her mouth once when I wasn't looking, and while it was a bit soggy after, it dried out nicely and still looks like new. 

Since adoption is a big part of their lives, Angie and Kim have included some beautiful adoption designs to choose from. And as a BIG added bonus, a purchase through their site this Friday can help a child in the foster system have a much happier Christmas. I'm also hoping at some point to host a giveaway of one of their beautiful designs. Until then, go buy necklaces, lot's of necklaces, and give them to the wonderful women in your life.

P.S. They just started making some seriously mouth watering Christmas ornaments too. Just sayin'.

Follow Reverent Creations on Facebook and Instagram for new designs and sales.

I ordered a custom necklace for my mom's birthday, and she loved it! "All is grace" is one of her favorite truths. And while I was at it, I had to get myself a little something. I ordered one with "It is well with my soul" on it (my favorite hymn) and now they carry it in their regular stock! So you can thank me for that later.
Mom enjoying her birthday gift.
*UPDATE: Reverent Creations was able to raise over $400.00 to put toward Christmas presents for foster kids! Hooray!!


  1. Oh I love this!! These are adorable. Off to check out their shop!


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