Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy First Birthday!

Today our daughter turns one! *deep breath* So far I've cried twice, but I'm holding strong.

There is so much in my head, so much I want to say, about this past year, about our beautiful girl. Today marks yet another notch in the blessings-from-God column.

For now I'll share "the plan" and gush later. Josh got the day off work, and we're heading to Disneyland. We'll ride all Squeaks' favorite rides, and maybe we'll let her try a churro...or a pineapple wedge...slow down mom. We will have a fan-flippin'-tastic time! Then Sunday we celebrate with friends and family at our house. I've been working on decorations for weeks. I've also learned some valuable lessons for future birthdays. Squeaks' was born so close to Christmas that, once I got time to shop for decorations, the pickin's were slim. Mostly Christmas decorations. It's a good thing I enjoy crafting and own a Cricut. I'm really looking forward to her party though. I went with a vintage storybook theme (see my Pinterest board) and I am thoroughly charmed by it. I'm sure Squeaks likes it too. She is totally aware of the effort I'm putting into this and has thanked me many times. She's not at all distracted by the empty packing boxes and roles of ribbon....ummmmm. Still, I love doing it, and she'll love looking at the pictures when she's older. I will share loads of pictures and a special speech I have planned for the party later (want to keep it fresh for the guests who read my blog).

This year has been awesome and I want to thank you all for your support and kind words, both while we waited, and while we baby-stepped our way through the first year of parenting. You're all part of Squeaks' life and I'm grateful we all get to celebrate this amazing little girl together. that was a little gushing, but believe me, I've got lots more for later. Since the festivities have yet to be photographed, here's a little something I made to display at her party. I love it! And her obviously, cause seriously, look at that face!
Can't forget her 12 month picture too! The set is complete. 


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the decorations, so cute....enjoy the party!


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