Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thank God For Real Men

The men in my life are high quality. Top shelf. Stuffed-animal-cuddling, nursery-rhyme-singing, baby-nose-wiping, manly men. What an awesome gift from God, to watch my daughter be loved by a group of men...not just one, but a whole group... 

My husband is never sexier than when he's crawling around on the floor tickling our daughter, sing to her, feeding her, holding her hand to pray, reading to her. Being Daddy. Real men sit in tiny pink chairs, kiss dolls held by their daughters tiny hands, and cut dinner into tiny pieces for tiny mouths. Thank you God for giving me a real man. Thank you God my daughter will always be loved by a real man. Thank you God that my son will learn from a real man. 

I have never questioned the love my dad has for me. He's sturdy. He's gentle. He's funny. I couldn't be happier that he married my mom. Seriously, I remember wanting to go on their honeymoon with them (I was only seven)! He gives me confidence. He makes me feel safe; at home. A hug from him is so soothing I can literally feel my heart rate slow down. Thank you God that my dad loves my mom. Thank you God that he set the bar high for my future husband. Thank you God that my dad's love is so familiar it practically runs through my veins.  

My father in law is not a loud man, but his role in his family leaves ripples like a boom of thunder. His love for his son has rippled into the love his son shows. His love for our children will ripple into their futures. Thank you God that my husband was raised by a real man. Thank you God that his love is quietly loud. 

Psalm says children are like arrows in the hands of warriors. These men will hold my children safe in the quiver, hold them firm to the word of God, point them straight, and release them to make a lasting impact on the world. Thank you God.

Real men also drink from matching father-daughter Mike Wazowski cups.

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