Friday, April 22, 2016

I know...

I know....

I should be in bed. 
My daughter is deeply and soundly asleep.
She is funny, sweet, insanely smart, and beautiful in a way I am biologically incapable of taking credit for.
My son is lightly sleeping, and making sweet noises as I listen over the monitor.
He is strong, cuddly, handsome, and determined (which I can definitely take biological credit for).
My husband, exhausted from hard work, is snoring in our bed.
He will always love me (in-spite of myself), be loyal to me, and take care of our family.
My parents, happily married, are asleep in my childhood home, five minutes down the road.
They love me unconditionally, love my husband, are awesome grandparents, and would do anything for our family.
My in-laws, also happily married, are asleep in my husband's childhood home, four minutes down the road.
They love me, are glad I married their son, are crazy about our children, and are overwhelmingly generous. 
My home is quiet, warm, comfortable, and safe.
Our cars run, there is food in our kitchen, we have running water, and clothes in our closets.
I am allowed to, capable of, and will be praying to a true, righteous, and living God before I fall asleep, as I wake tomorrow, and until I die.
I have loved ones who have passed on ahead of me waiting for me in heaven.
Facebook posts, the dishes, my nails in need of manicuring, and that stain on the carpet that has been bugging me, hold no weight in eternity.

I know these things. Now go to sleep Kristen.

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