Up Till Now

3-3-12 Chose Adoption Center of Hope as our agency.

3-6-12 Sent first email to Hope4Kids asking for info on home studies.
3-9-12 Began work on 20 copies of our adoption profile.
3-12-12 Received and began filling out contract from Adoption Center of Hope.
3-15-12 Mailed cashier's check to Hope4Kids for our home study program.
3-16-12 Fingerprinting completed.
3-23-12 Had first in-person meeting with Michelle from Adoption Center of Hope. Turned in adoption profiles, contract, and deposit payment.
3-27-12 Adoption orientation meeting at Hope4Kids.
4-6-12 Our profile and picture were added to Adoption Center of Hope's website.
4-8-12 Announced our adoption to extended family on Easter Sunday! Woohoo!!
4-9-12 Josh's adoption physical.
4-13-12 CPR/first aid training with Red Cross.
4-20-12 Kristen's adoption physical.
5-22-12 Home study inspection and interviews.
6-22-12 Found out we were pregnant!
7-8-12 Home study approved!


11-24-12 Our daughter went home to heaven.

2-4-13 Featured family on Adoption Center of Hope's website.
5-8-13 Kristen's adoption physical for our home study update.
5-13-13 Josh's adoption physical for our home study update.
5-14-13 Fingerprinting update complete. (As if they change?)
7-23-13 Started our adoption YouTube channel.
8-8-13 Started our "Adoption Love" blog.
8-24-13 Home study amendment inspection and interview.
8-25-13 Started our "Adoption Love" Facebook page.
10-10-13 Informed by our social worker that our adoption physicals from May had been misplaced.
11-5-13 Emailed redone adoption physicals to our social worker.
11-24-13 Took our adoption "maternity" pictures.
1-8-14 (morning) Our home study update (the one we started back in May) was finally approved!!
1-8-14 (evening) Our daughter was born and we got the BEST call of our lives!!
1-14-14 Our daughter arrived at her forever home!!  
1-30-14 First post placement visit with Hope4Kids social worker.
2-15-14 Our Adoption shower
2-17-14 Second post placement visit with Hope4Kids social worker.
3-21-14 Last post placement visit with Hope4Kids social worker.
1-8-15 Happy first birthday to our beautiful daughter!!
1-14-15 Found out we were pregnant!! (On the anniversary of Squeaks' homecoming!!)
4-6-15 Finalized Squeaks' adoption in court!! 
9-13-15 Our handsome Little Dude was born!
1-8-16 Squeaks turned TWO!! 
...Raising our arrows... 


  1. Hi! I am a new pre-adoptive parent. We are about two months into our journey. I couldn't help but notice what a lengthy journey you have had. I was curious as to what type of adoption you are pursuing. My husband and I have begun an open adoption. Feel free to check out my blog. Best wishes!


    1. Great blog Laura! Congrats on starting your adoption! We are pursuing an open domestic infant adoption. Ours has been a lengthy one. We unexpectedly got pregnant a few months after starting our home study. Our agency informed us that expectant moms considering adoption usually want their child to be the focus so a pregnant adoptive mom would more than likely be a turn off. They were right. Unfortunately our daughter was still born but we our confidant in God's plan for our future family. We will wait as long as He wants.

  2. Thank you for posting your timeline; it really puts the never ending process into perspective. Though we haven't announced via social media, we have just completed our home study and are anxiously awaiting for our child! Thank you for being so candid and honest, it's great to know we aren't alone with our feelings, and sometimes, frustrations. Congrats on your amazing family! ♡♡♡

    Dayna B.


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